Faculty and Staff

2016-2017 Faculty and Staff

We are blessed to have such a wonderful staff who has a heart for teaching the most impressionable of minds: our children.

Every member of our staff is here because they see their work as a ministry for the Lord. Many come from a public school background and have chosen Genesis as their home because of our emphasis on Christian Education. 



Administrator: Mendy Lietzen mendy.lietzen@genesisschools.org

Administrator’s Assistant: Denise Bixby denise.bixby@genesisschools.org



Kerri Lynne kerri.lynne@genesisschools.org

Alison Topliff  alison.topliff@genesisschools.org

Sarah McKelvey sarah.mckelvey@genesisschools.org 





Pam Field pam.field@genesisschools.org 


 1st Grade

Monisha Funk monisha.funk@genesisschools.org


2nd Grade

Lisa Taber   lisa.taber@genesisschools.org


3rd Grade

Sandy Bonfield  sandy.bonfield@genesisschools.org


4th Grade

 Janette Ward  janette.ward@genesisschools.org 


Middle School

Math and Science: Stacy Crook-Collinge stacy.crookcollinge@genesisschools.org

Language Arts: Amy Lawson amy.lawson@genesisschools.org

Fifth Grade Math and Science: Kiersten Steinwachs  kiersten.steinwachs@genesisschools.org 



PE/Spanish: Liz Stieben liz.stieben@genesisschools.org

Art: Amy Lawson amy.lawson@genesisschools.org

Music: Amy Gonzalez amy.gonzalez@genesisschools.org

Librarian: Jan Harbour
GAP/Special Needs Consultant  Vickie Aldrich  vickie.aldrich@genesisschools.org


High School

Advisor: Sarah Breuer  sarah.breuer@genesisschools.org