Academic Excellence

Genesis Schools strives to bring academic excellence into the classroom at all grade levels. We believe the individual needs of all students must be addressed to reach this goal.

Genesis academics begin with a strong foundation in phonics. This strong base in phonics and word attack skills helps students succeed in all subjects.

Our early elementary grades (kindergarten through 3rd grade) we utilize mainly the ABEKA curriculum. Manuscript handwriting is taught through the 1st grade with our 2nd graders transitioning to cursive by mid-year. Starting in 4th grade, we begin transitioning to BJU Press for core subjects, especially math and science. Our upper elementary and middle school classes teach all core subjects using BJU Press. 

Our core academic subjects for all grades include: Reading, English or Language, Math, Science, Math, and Social Studies. Bible is taught daily and we attend a weekly chapel on Wednesday's. 

On average, our curriculum has our students working one grade level advanced from a traditional public school curriculum with 96% of our student body achieving honor roll status. 



Genesis Schools offers co-curricular classes in many areas to Kindergarten through 8th grades.

All students attend physical education at least two times a week with many grades attending five days a week.

All students attend music, art and computer twice weekly.